The Good Old Middle Ages Swedish


Author: Jan Westh
Number of pages: 160
Binding: Hardcover
Year of release: 2013
Language: Swedish



The book ‘The Good Old Middle Ages’ is a lovely history book that is both easy to read, transparent and interesting. Westh has written his book personally and with a twinkle in his eye. The text is credible and the beautiful illustrations highlight the era of time in the light.

– Jan-Öjvind Swahn, associate professor

With the book ‘The Good Old Middle Ages’, Jan Westh has produced a book that is both popular, easy to read and funny. Enjoyable and useful reading for both young and old.

– Ebbe Schön, associate professor, folk life researcher

Westh has managed to write an exciting and humorous “short story” on a little more than 150 pages, with fine illustrations, to write an exciting and humorous “short story” about medieval historical personalities. The book is recommended for reading.

– Bo J Theutenberg, professor and embassy islandr

It is a book that will probably increase interest in history/genealogy – very easy to read with an element of humorous and thoughtful comments from the author. Can warmly recommend this book that highlights the aristocracy and kinship of old times in an easy way.

Dennis Karlsson, chairman of the european Commission. Tjörn’s genealogist


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