NATO – An Entity Set on Disaster. e-book


Elektronisk bok (.epub-format)

Author: Hans Myrebro
Pages: 220
Published: 2022
Language: Engelska
Publisher: Historiskt Korrekt – Cleio International Kommanditbolag


NATO’s transition from being a defense organization to functioning as a tool for US imperialism has only been possible with the highly manipulated and controlled global mass media infrastructure.

The result is a NATO which regards international law and human survival as unworthy trifles, and which prioritizes the quest to realize the unassailable will of the United States — to establish world domination.

As a result, from 2001 to the present the United States and its NATO allies have invaded and occupied many territories — they have killed, severely injured, and displaced more than 10 million people from the Middle East and North Africa.
Now they want to continue with their ravages, at the same time as they try to point out Russian aggressions.

“Hans Myrebro,” (pseudonym), has written a very important analysis of NATO; it gives me great pleasure to recommend the book to everybody interested in politics. The book is also very timely given President Elect Trump’s critique of NATO as outmoded, passed, and EU launching its own army independent of the USA.”

– Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies


“NATO — An Entity Set on Disaster, is an easy-to-read and well-documented depiction of NATO’s destructive and morbid activities for 15-20 years.”

– Pia Hellertz, Phil. dr.


“The book is a fantastic source of knowlegde, produced in a simple and pedagogical narritive. The book has an obvious place in history teaching at college but also at university.”

– Lars Wilhelmsson, Author, Writer