They Created a Bloody 20th Century e-book


Subtitle: A critical review of Zionist power and German moral guilt relief

Elektronic book (.epub-format)

Author: Hans Myrebro
Number of pages: 220
Publishing year: 2019
Language: Engelska
Publishing company: Historiskt Korrekt


They Created a Bloody 20th Century is a solid and reshaping historical document that reveals, with powerful source material, the driving forces and actors behind the greatest and bloodiest disasters of our time.


After reading Hans Myrebro´s book, one quickly realizes that the historical writing we have received through school, higher education and media, is largely a distortion.

– Pia Hellertz, Fil.dr.

This book is a fantastic source of knowledge, elaborated with a simple and pedagogical narrative. The book has an obvious place in history teaching not only in high school, but also at university level.

– Lasse Wilhelmsson, Author, Writer.