They Created a Bloody 20th Century. Part 2. eBook English Edition


Electronic book (.epub-format)

Author: Hans Myrebro
Pages: 176
Published: 2020
Language: Engelska
Förlag: Historiskt Korrekt – Cleio International Kommanditbolag


After reading the first part of “They Created a Bloody 20th Century,” which is an educational way reveals the forces that could stage two wars against Germany, there was perhaps the hope that with the end of World War II and the crushing of National Socialism, then the good forces would get their chance and universal peace would prevail. But no, the situation in Europe and the rest of the world has gradually become more and more annihilating and war-difficult. It was thus not the actions of National Socialism that made the author label the 20th century as a bloody century. New revelations follow in this part 2.

“The book is a fantastic source of knowledge, produced through a simple and pedagogical narrative. The book has an obvious place in history teaching at upper secondary school – but also at the university level. ”
Lasse Wilhelmsson, author, writer.

“After reading Hans Myrebros’ book, one quickly realize that the writing of history received through school, higher education, and Mass Media, is largely distorted.”
Pia Hellertz, Phil. Dr.