They created a bloody 20th century Swedish


Author: Hans Myrebro
Number of pages: 220
Binding: Soft binder
Year of release: 2018
Language: Swedish
Historically Correct Publishers



When writing the history of the 20th century with the intention of the great and dramatic events of the century to be Historically Correct described, it quickly comes to a result that is significantly different from the dominant and agenda-driven history, which characterizes, among other things, the school’s teaching on the subject.” They created a Bloody 20th century” form a solid and shaking historical document that, with powerful source material, reveals the driving forces and actors behind the greatest disasters of our time.


“After reading Hans Myrebro’s book, it quickly realizes that the history we have received through school, higher education and the media is largely forgery…”

– Pia Hellertz, Fil.dr.

“The book is an amazing source of knowledge, produced through a simple and educational storytelling. The book has an obvious place in history teaching in high school, but also at university level.”

– Lasse Wilhelmsson, Author, Writer.