NATO – a monster on disaster course Swedish


Author: Hans Myrebro
Number of pages: 151
Danish band
Year of release: 2016
Language: Swedish
HK publishers



NATO’s transition from being a defense organization to being designed as a tool for Us imperialism has not been able to happen without one of the Zionist forces-controlled media command structure.

As a result, it has become a NATO for which international law and human survival have been shaped as uninteresting trifles in the quest to realize america’s sacred will – which is to establish world domination.

As a result, the fact that in the years from 2001 to now, the United States and its NATO allies have invaded and occupied, killed, seriously injured and displaced more than 10 million people from the Middle East and North Africa.

Now you want to get on with your ravages, while trying to point out Russian aggression, which you cannot give examples of.

“Hans Myrebro, (pseudonym), has written a very important analysis of NATO; it gives me great pleasure to recommend the book to everybody interested in politics. The book is aalso very timely given President Elect Trump critique of NATO as outmoded, passé, and EU launching its own army independent of the United States.”

– Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies

“NATO – a monster on a disaster course,” is an easy-to-read and well-documented depiction of NATO’s destructive and morbid activities for 15-20 years.”

– Pia Hellertz, File. Dr.


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